Pegasus - Score Only

  • Model: FJH-B1365S
  • Manufactured by: FJH Music Company
Pegasus - Score Only
William Owens
FJH Starter Series
Level: 0.5
Concert Band
FJH Music Company
Item: B1365S
Take an imaginary flight on the ever-graceful winged-horse Pegasus! Using just six notes, this work manages to capture the grandeur of this mythical creature through the triumphant melodies that are passed around the ensemble. Harmonies are surprisingly r
In Greek mythology, Pegasus was the winged horse-god son of Poseidon and the Gorgon Medusa. During his life, he carried thunderbolts for the god Zeus and was ridden by Eos, the goddess of dawn. Today, the word "pegasus" has come to refer to any winged h
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