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Martin Norgaard
FJH Beginning Strings
Beginning Strings
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Item: ST6140
Calypso is inspired by the Calypso style originating in the French and British Islands of the Caribbean. Influential artists from the early 20th century include Roaring Lion and Lord Kitchener. Harry Belafonte popularized the style with his album Calypso from 1957, which included the hit Banana Boat Song.
The main rhythms in the current piece (measures 1, 5, and 45) should be taught by rote using call-and-response. Repeat these rhythms multiple times between teacher and students, using a consistent tempo without counts before individual performance trials. Once students can play the rhythms on an open string, rhythms may be used as an exercise on the G major scale. The solo section should feature individual students. For ease of improvisation, an informational sheet is included for each instrument. Both easy and advanced approaches can be taught in a group setting. In performance, have students solo at the front of the stage. Microphones will allow them to be heard over the orchestra and optional rhythm section.
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