The Art Of Chunking

  • Model: TP414-41216
  • Manufactured by: Theodore Presser Company
The Art Of Chunking
Clarinet Edition
George, Patricia , Patterson, Rob , Louke, Phyllis Avidan
Clarinet in Bb
Clarinet Unaccompanied
Methods and Studies
Theodore Presser Company
Item: 414-41216
Advanced Clarinet Studies: The Art of Chunking presents the first and only method for clarinetists to master the process of "chunking" as a practice technique. Through exploration of technical studies, etudes, preludes, cadenzas, and orchestral excerpts, the clarinetist is introduced to basic and advanced chunking techniques to facilitate reading and tone development. Exercises for articulation, intonation, dynamics, and tone development are also integrated into the innovative curriculum.
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