Al Hemer Music offers expert instrument repair on both band and stringed instruments.

We specialize in stringed instrument repairs of any level. Guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, violin, viola, cello, and almost any other stringed instrument are all repaired in house. Your instrument will play the best it possibly can after being set up by our shop.

A set up consists of adjusting neck straightness, nut height, bridge height, and intonation when possible.

* All prices include the price of a new set of strings, unless otherwise noted. *

Stringed Instrument Repair Price
Guitar set up with non coated strings $40
Guitar set up with coated strings $45
12 string guitar set up $60
Bass set up $55
Electronics work Quote only
Guitar Fret level, crown, polish, set up $140
Guitar Refret, level, crown, polish, set up $250
Guitar Refret, level, crown, polish, set up (bound fretboard) $275
Guitar Refret, level, crown, polish, set up (bound Gibson style fretboard) $300
New violin/viola bridge fit and set up (NOT including new strings) $45
All other work Quote only

For other work, please bring your instrument in for a free estimate. Estimates can be given in person Monday - Friday. If you bring an instrument for an estimate on Saturday, you must leave it in our store and an estimate will be given on the next business day that the store is open.

We also offer custom guitar/ukulele building. Please call or come in to inquire.

Additionally, we offer band instrument repair. Generally, our repair technician picks up on a Friday morning and returns instruments the following Friday. Sometimes we can accommodate a faster turn around time, depending on the repair. You can drop off your instrument by Thursday evening at 5:30 PM to get a free estimate on Friday morning. Below are some general rates.

Band Instrument Repair Price
Flute head tuning cork $15
Clarinet tenon cork $15 each
Sax neck cork $20
Flute - Get into playing condition $50 - $90
Flute - Repad and clean (closed hole) $230
Flute - Repad and clean (open hole) $280
Clarinet - Get into playing condition $50 - $90
Clarinet - Repad and clean (plastic) $230
Clarinet - Repad and clean (wood) $280
Alto sax - Get into playing condition $90 - $175
Alto sax - Repad and clean $450
Spring replacement (Flute, clarinet, sax) $15 each
Trumpet/trombone cleaning $80

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